Boat Fees

Note: you must be a Senior member in good standing to keep a boat at TMCC.
Mooring: $16.50/ft. ($400/min) per season.
Includes storage for one small rowing dinghy.

>250 sq.ft. $275 flat/season   <250 sq.ft. $500 flat/season

Winter Storage:
$0.33/sq ft (minimum $250)
Based on boat size (area=max beam x max length incl. cradle/trailer)

Launch and Haul-out:
The club hires a crane mid-May and mid-Oct. for launch and haul-out. The fee is based on vessel weight and most boats fall within the $150-$300 range for each lift. In the fall, we also hire a pressure wash truck to clean the growth off our hulls for a flat fee of $40.  Members are not obliged to use the wash service.

Both crane and wash fees are payable by cheque or e-transfer on the day of launch/haul-out

As outlined on the Membership page,  winter storage is available for non-members, space permitting on a year by year basis. The fees applicable are: $200 Winter Membership + $0.66/sq ft (minimum $250).
Confused?  Here's an example.

After the one-time initiation fee, a Senior member with a dry-sailed, 18' beach cat will pay $925/yr. for summer/winter boat storage and membership. ($400 membership, $275 summer, $250 winter min.)

A member with a 32x16' cruising cat will pay $1,178/year ($400 membership, $528 mooring, $250 winter storage-min.) excluding crane time for launch and haul-out.

Keeping a second boat at TMCC

Space permitting and at the discretion of the Board of Directors, Senior members in good standing may be permitted to keep a second boat at TMCC on a season by season basis. They are required to pay the appropriate mooring/dry-sail/winter storage fee for that vessel.
Only ONE vessel will have seniority placement.

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Contact our Membership Chair (temp) , Scott Brown for more information

email:   Phone: (416) 757-4806

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